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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Buzz ain't bad for a bumblebee like me..

Ok, there is a lot of negativity these days around anything Google.

Since I am not employed by google, am a self proclaimed techno nerd (not the software type though), and have had an open love-hate relationship when it comes to the products they dish out, here is an open heartfelt feedback of why this is actually a good thing..

1. Now that they fixed this contact business, it is no different from facebook. You can share all info to all public or choose to share your info with select people. You do have to invest some time and effort to set up the group lists for friends, family, etc. etc.. then what you share gets viewed by different people. Have checked it out and it works nicely. (it also tells you which items you shared with the world and which ones with family).

see the example shot below..

2. if all your buddies put their accounts and share it in the buzz stream, you get to see their feeds, tweets etc. just like you see blogposts on reader. the look and feel of a reader is maintained.

3. You don't have spam on this yet with stuff like "so and so took the How much do you know Shah Rukh Khan quiz and scored 13%. would you like to take the quiz?", in a quiz where even Shah Rukh would score only 5%.

4. the picture viewing is great!

5. It is almost a blogger and reader combined into one.

Now, if google makes you selectively embed links and images into the text box.. in other words, integrate the blog editor into buzz status updater, and have the ability to selectively show only my posts in the buzz stream, then will I even use blogger? highly unlikely.

So when people say Buzz is trying to replace facebook, twitter etc.. it also seems to be trying to replace blogger and blogreader as well!

They should have done this two years ago!

Just look at who are on your facebook list. Friends from school, college, work, friends you make thanks to who your kids go to school with, friends you make because of your hobbies and that is pretty much it.

It is usually the same bunch of people you email the most. I fundamentally had an issue with Facebook calling everyone a "friend", be it an acquaintance or a thick pal and almost stopped using it because of how it had security issues. Facebook fixed those issues and have a way to send your status updates to select folks only and have a way for you to say "NO" when it comes to information on your profile going out.

Buzz is doing the same thing.. It does surprise me that they didn't learn from the mistakes of Facebook before launching Buzz! The good thing with Google is that the react fast when you point out things to them.

Looks like someone heard my plea for a one stop shop with one login!

The second impression on this one is "I could get used to this!"


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...


where is google wave in all of this? it appears to have landed with a thud.

- s.b.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

what do mean ?not the s/w type though....there was no need for the words 'type and though' and engr is an engr s/w or hardware ...does it matter enuf to mention in a blog like urs or do u like to remind everyone that ur some kind of "SPECIAL" engr not like the majority of the bay area pop of s/w engr ???

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 1:21 PM, Blogger Sundar Narayanan wrote...

s. b., misses the wave.

anon, not really. Was trying to say that the buzz is being viewed by someone who is not a software person.
like a person not trained in Carnatic music reviewing a sudha raghunathan CD.

While it is true that in the past I have echoed the sentiment that non software or non comp sci majors are becoming a minority in silicon valley, that was not implied here....



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