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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blog SPAM ?

These days I have started getting a lot of hits from people I do not know. Some of the comments in my blogs seem so sincere and nice..

For example:

Hi, happened to go through your blog. Cool site. Liked what you write. So I have bookmarked it.

Then you go to check out the profile of the person or the blog site of that person in the comment and you are in for a rude shock because either it takes you to a site that is selling :

a. Cat food
b. lawn mowing equipemnt or worse
c. X rated stuff

The amount of calories spent editing out these messages from the post is increasing.
I know at least two others (balaji and tom) who have similar problems.

So today I was pleasantly surprised to find a real blogger behind such a comment. I actually started laughing after reading his funny blogs. So, I have added his blog to the links. Hope this trend continues...


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