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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Surprise Surprise

Was working on editing the birthday video.. came back to the living room.. felt like I walked into some kind of alien play..

The little one had distributed her alphabets on white paper all over the floor.. She kept going up the couch to get an ariel view and came back down to adjust the patterns. .

This scared me.. Was she seeing something in the pattern that I did not ? Maybe my daughter is gifted ? Then I asked her what this was on the carpet and her answer :

Kolangal !!!

(for non Tamil readers : Kolangal refers to patterns on the floor made by indians using flowers or color powders, flour for religious or cultural functions..It also happens to be the name of a popular Tamil TV series.

Even by Kolangal standards, this was one weird Kolam!


I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 4:05 PM, Blogger Narayanan Venkitu wrote...

First - I'd like to appreciate your efforts to familiarize our culture ...I mean Kolams..etc.!!

Kids are fun...They come up with these answers which sometimes make us laugh..!! sometimes think.!!!

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 3:18 AM, Blogger Visithra wrote...

ah the kid is creative so early ;)


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