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Friday, August 12, 2005

I want a baby " ----------------"

As of the last weekend, my daughter has been repeating :

"I want a baby brrroootherr"!

Personally, I would like to find the person who taught this to my daughter and give him/her my two cents (more like throw the two cents at their face !)

Knowing that we are having a daughter, it is kind of late to change anything. For some reason, my daughter thinks we still have room for change.

The only good thing is that she is not saying "I dont want a baby sister". We have already named the unborn one, and so far she seems to be in affectionate terms at the mention of the baby.

Only thing that scares her is the baby's movements. She doesnt want to see mommy's tummy move around. We thought she would be amused, but she was scared !

I guess we have to wait and see how she takes to the new one in person !


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