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Monday, August 22, 2005

BARR - Thirupathi Bhimas Sri Krishna Sweets

The Thirupathi Bhimas (Sri Krishna Sweets) is at the north east corner of Abel Street and Tasman Drive in Milpitas, close to the Great Mall

Have gone to the Bhimas only twice so far. Think this restaurant opened recently. Plenty of parking all around the restaurant. The place gets crowded only after 8:30 in the night. Part of this restaurant is supposed to become a sweet shop (Sri Krishna Sweets Branch!). This will be nice (my brother lives next door to a Sri Krishna sweets in Chennai !)

Wait time : 2 minutes
Food wait time from order : 10 minutes (impressive since I did order a Rava Dosai)
Check time : 12 minutes (Visa Mastercard Only)- they were clearly swamped.
Average price per person : $12
Rating "My wife can cook better !".
Service : Excellent

Items sampled : Rava Dosa, Pongal, Andhra Thali, pesarattu, poori masala, bajji

Thirupathi Bhimas is very famous in Thirupathi according to my desi friends here. We went as a group last month and tasted lots of dishes. Last week we went by ourselves, and were disappointed by the lack of consistancy.

My main basis of comparing across restaurants is the Rava Dosa and this was excellent the first trip and disappointing in our second trip. The pongal was delicious the first time and above average the second time. The andhra thali was excellent, especially the onion-drumstick vaththa kozhambu. The average dish in the thali (plate with all items, a la carte !) was spicy (9 on a scale of 10), but tasty all the same.

They have really good poori masala, bajji and pesarattu (both sampled when we went as a group).

My daughter got burnt tasting the sambar and refused to rate anything. We coaxed her to have a piece of the Dosa and she did give it a "yummy" rating. The sambar and chutney's for the dosa are consistantly great, especially the tomato chutney. But what good is consistant chutney if the dosa is crispy once and soggy another time ?

Will still recommend this place as a nice tiffin place.


I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 11:31 AM, Blogger rads wrote...

Tirupathi Bhimas is awesome. They even have a relatively newer fancier one [read for NRI's and other affluent folks] right on the outskirts of the town.
Pesarattu is great! You californians are spoilt :-)


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