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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dorothy "seththu pochu" ( has died!)

For people without kids in the United States reading this post, Dorothy is a goldfish. She is Sesame Street Fame , Elmo's pet goldfish.

After a lot of demand from our daughter, we decided to buy her a Dorothy. We set up an elaborate aquarium and got some conditioning fish to get the tank ready. My daughter was exposed to the concept of death with the conditioning fish. Later, a beta fish (called "fighter fish" in india) and Dorothy were added to the tank.

Yesterday evening when we came home, my daughter exclaimed "dorothy seththu pochu". Sure enough Dorothy had passed on and was lying at the bottom of the aquarium. In what reminded us of the 2nd Bill Cosby show where he conducts a funeral for his daughters goldfish, we promptly flushed Dorothy after a prayer that she be reborn in our aquarium.

I am sure our prayers will be answered by the local PETCO store !


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