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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A welcome break..

Have had a busy week as most of you can tell by lack of any posts here.

First we had a little house warming ceremony with local relatives, visiting relatives and office friends, for lunch last week, and that was about 50+ people !! we had a blast since Jr. wanted to have a Pinata (for Tamizhian's this is the Uri Adi that we do in the villages, except here it is a mexican thing and they call it a pinata !! amazing how mexicans and south Indians have so much in common , because they share the same lattitude !!).

The house feels empty right now because our visitors from India are touring Washinton and Oregon. We had San's parents, her paternal grandparents, her maternal grandma and the four of us in the house. . . the space was just enough! We are going to miss them when they leave for India in a few weeks.. and we have to brace ourselves for a barrage of questions from Jr. on why they have to go, etc. etc.. !!

Two week break from school and that means I get to post photos and videos this week.. yipeeeeeeeee.


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ohhh have fun answering the qs will wait for the photos


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