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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Follow that tag ....

I have recently been watching the tagging phenonmena on blogger.. many of the blogs I read have the now familiar "I have been tagged, so here goes ..." blog.

Guess, fate finally catches up with everyone. Mitr_bayarea tagged me.. actually found out who she was after she tagged me!!! Have been asking her in person for the last two months for her blogsite and she kept it a secret. In return for her revealing her blog space, I will go and honor the tag ..

So, here goes..

Seven things I plan to do before i die:

  1. Dance the waltz, foxtrot and tango with my grown up daughters
  2. Play with my grandkids
  3. Win a Nobel Prize (or at least a significant technical award at an international level)
  4. Visit Banaras once more with my wife and kids
  5. Take that perfect photograph
  6. Own a little hill (with a cute little house on top of the hill of course)!
  7. Build an engineering School in Chennai which is way too cool even for IIT standards

Seven things that i can do:

  1. Dance with my daughters : Have a daughter, will have another one soon, most likely they WILL grow up, I already know how to dance, just need to encourage them to dance..
  2. Win a technial award : I am good at what I do at work. Just a question of time..
  3. Visit Banaras - IT BHU campus (maybe on my next india trip !)
  4. Keep taking photographs (now that I have a Digital Rebel XT - yes.. got it just before the crater lake trip.. that is the secret of the great photos !)
  5. The hill with a house on top may not be just a dream and who knows, there might be a little creek behind the house ?!
  6. Continue to balance work with family the way I do it now. Granted, I might live less if I sleep less (according to my friend Michele Gatto, if life is proportional to waking hours, she put my life expectancy at ~50 !!), but it is a onetime chance and shouldnt lose sight of family.
  7. Swim the entire length of the pool before stopping. I can do this damn it !! Just give me another month.

Seven things that i can't do:

  1. Keep my mouth shut when I am supposed to at parties
  2. Keep secrets from my wife ( I try, I try.. but i just cannot !)
  3. Hit my daughter (She does tempt me a lot to just give her a spank.. but so far I have resisted)
  4. Be as clean as my wife wants me to be (Cleaniness is next to Godliness.. but doubt if even god will be clean enough for my wife!)
  5. Stop the kitchen sink water from running while I wash dishes. The water has to be running all the time. I havent figured out "why ?".
  6. Say "No" to anyone who asks me "would you like a cup of tea?"
  7. Watch SUN TV mega serials !!

Seven things that attracts me to the opposite sex:

  1. Looks (I am not going to be dishonest and put feelings above looks !! After all the first thing you see in a person is the physical appearance, then they talk and you hear their voice and your brain comprehends the person for who they are based on what they say.. this with the exception of phone call /email relationships , which I am not a big fan of!)..When you mention Looks, you can say facial features, figure , whatever.. I used to have a thing for the round and plumpy Irish woman types.. It might still be in the back of my mind somewhere! Sure that comes in handy when your wife is towards the end of her pregnancy!)
  2. Honesty - no secrets
  3. Brutal frankness - tell me to my face if I am full of it !
  4. appealing voice - even when the voice is yelling "I hate you !!"
  5. Cute smile - especially if it comes with a dimple in the chin.
  6. A dainty walk (not a manly thump thump)
  7. Great dressing sense (show what is worth showing, hide the best !!)

Seven things i say the most:

(these days)

  1. Basically..
  2. C is for cookie, that's good enough for me
  3. what the &*$#@ ?
  4. just a minute
  5. wassup ?
  6. Why me ?
  7. I did it !!

Seven celebrities i want to meet:

  1. Emeril Lagasse
  2. Wendy Johnson (Yes, she taught me to dance and I dont know when I will meet her next)
  3. Arnold
  4. Steve Jobs
  5. Craig Barett
  6. Salman Rushdie
  7. Abdul Kalaam

Seven people whom i would like to take this seven tag:

Personally, I hate chain mails. I usually treat them like a baby treats a diaper or much worse.. Just because I got tagged and I honored the tag doesnt necessarily mean, I should tag people. (and most of the bloggers I visit have already been tagged !). So , the tag stops here !!!


I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 8:00 AM, Blogger mitr_bayarea wrote...

Sundar-thanks very much for taking the time to do the '7 tag thing'.It's a nice summary of what i know about you and your family.

What was the part about-Say "No" to anyone who asks me "would you like a cup of tea?" Didn't get that piece..........anyways, good luck for all those stuff.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 8:44 AM, Blogger tt_giant wrote...

Cool list!. Nice to know about you. I checked out the crater photos. Your family looks nice!.

All the best for your ambitions man!.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 5:11 PM, Blogger Adaengappa !! wrote...

Emeril Lagasse : WWOW....During my initial days here,am hooked to food network,just admiring his cooking skills and nakra's..Edho ennaku samaika theriyalainaalum, avar samaikarathai paarthu santhosam pattupen :-)

Neenga avara meet pannina..enakum oru appointment vaangidunga !!

U got nice blog !! Keep blogging !!

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 5:39 PM, Blogger Unknown wrote...

mitr, thanks.. what i meant was, I never say no to tea!!.. banaras chai raththathula ooriduththu..

tt, thanks. i looked at your blog yesterday .. you have a cool blog..

adengappa, havent checked out your blog yet.. will do today. emeril said once in his show "if life gives you lemons, make lemon merengue pie". it is my favourite quote. if i get to meet him, appointment pottudaren.


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