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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Rite Aid Saga....

I have received a lot of suggestions, about the debit/card fraud at Rite Aid.

Previously I had refrained from disclosing the store location. But here goes..

Sunnyvale Rite Aid !!

Why did I come forward now to disclose the store location and not before ?

Because, they DID charge the 400+ bucks after all !! First their headquarters apologized and said they are taking off the authorization.. but now, they posted the charge and "poof" went the money from the checking account .. we will have to wait for four days to see how the DISPUTE is settled.

As for legal action, between a new job within the company, two kids and going to school, there is no time for lawyers. So, no legal action unless there is a problem with the dispute.

Anyways, the lesson for all of you is :

1. Always use your debit card as a debit card with a PIN number option wherever possible.
2. If you have to use it as a master card, might as well use a real credit card !! That way nothing is paid from your account !!
3. keep checking your online balance if you have the facility, at least within 24 hours of using your debit/(visa-mastercard) as a credit card and watch for multiple transactions.

Will update this post once we get to know the final decision !


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