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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stone soup

We watch Barney videos almost daily, thanks to Jr. insisting on watching it during her lunch, dinner or whenever she feels like it..

Today there was an interesting story. ..

"Once Upon a time" a weary traveller goes to a village. He asks for food but no one is interested in sharing their food with him. So he tells them that he is going to light a fire and start making some "stone soup".. Curious the villagers watch him take a big pot , put some water, stones and some salt and he starts stirring it.. then one villager asks him if he could bring some carrots to add to the soup. sure, says the traveller.. and adds the carrots.. soon one by one everyone wants to taste the stone soup and bring their share of ingredients. finally there is a delicious soup and they all eat it.. in the end the traveller tells them all that sharing is what made the soup so delicious and tells them that he will leave the stones to the villagers as a way to remember him..

once the story finished my wife asked Jr.

What did you learn from that story ? Of course the expected answer was "we have to share things with others".. and it would have been very nice to tell Jr. that she has to start sharing things with the baby .. but the answer :

"I learnt how to make stone soup" !!!!!

We give up..again..


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heheh i tell u jr is very clever ;) does she flash n innocent smile after? hehe

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