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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Snoqualmie Falls - day trip from Seattle

An amazing falls, within an hour from the Microsoftee's (BIL's) house!

We really enjoyed it. Had to make two trips. Our first attempt was unsuccessful because of a bad fog and rain. No visibility. So we went back two days later and had great views.

The trail down to the observation deck was very slippery and is not recommended for kids or for adults carrying a kid on their waist, in winter with snow and ice on the ground. So the kids were not taken on the trail!

Here are the pictures ...

and some decent stitch shots...

It is always amazing to watch a quiet river flow down with such ferocity and turn into the quiet river again as it goes downstream.

Snoqualmie was definitely named for a woman!

ps. We were in the Seattle area for the last six days. There will be more day trip posts..

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Beautiful shots!


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