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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

She looks just like you Sundar !!

On sunday, we went to an Indian Restaurant we have not visited so far in the Bay area, The Thirupathi Bhimas. Great food. I will write about the food later.

As has become the norm these days, I bumped into a high school classmate of mine. We were catching up amid the yelling and screaming of kids around us. The last time I had met him, my daughter was a few months old and that was two and a half years ago. My buddy told me that he was doing fine and he had two kids!

My brain cells went into overdrive, trying to understand how the guy had two kids in a year and a half and thankfully, he hit the "ctrl +alt+del" for my hamster brain and said "We had Twins!". Then I introduced my daughter to him. His response :

"Sundar, she looks just like you!"

I have had so many of my friends and relatives say that to me, either out of ignorance or as a consolation !

I will now go on to put this to rest. My daughter is a carbon copy of my wife, who is a carbon copy of my mother-in-law. I provide you the proof right here.

For added effect, I have deliberately mixed up my daughters black and white photo with some scratches..

I tricked you! The photos in sequence are my wife , my mother in law and my daughter.

Guess the genetic material is pretty strong here on the maternal side. I am not upset that my daughter is a "mini-me" for my wife, but ..

I rest my case ...


I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 11:30 AM, Blogger lakshmi wrote...

Your daughter is a carbon copy of your wife.your kid is so cute.


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