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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The unplanned leave ....to my blog

I am not sure if I should start this post with something like "I am baaack" etc. etc.

Reason, the last week has seen a lot of turbulence in my normal life. I have not even bothered to check my Gmail account for the last four days !! This from a guy who checks it every 30 seconds..

After the Pongal celebration, we had a small mattu pongal at home. This was followed by a series of events which took me away from blogger..

As most of you know, I have a Ph.D. from a long time ago. Recently, I had decided to take on the role of a statistics advisor for my co-workers and the executives felt that I should be able to "talk the talk" to go with my "walk the walk". So, I was encouraged to apply for a M.S. degree in Mathematics. My original admission was for spring quarter starting april. In a series of events along the lines of Limony Snicketts, my admission got changed to this quarter and yours truly has started school again. Having already missed the first lecture, I had to play catchup, this with taking on a new job within my company starting this new year (I am still learning the ropes on the new job !).

God and my pager at work have blessed me with two gifts :

a. I can go for days without sleep, (okay a few hours a day would be more than enough)
b. If I decide to sleep, I can hit the bed and be out like a light in 2 minutes flat.

Both these abilities have helped me blog even though we had a new baby and a round the clock job.. so, the new job, school all these things shouldnt be that much of a distraction from blogging ? right ?

I forgot to mention the one thing that changed my regular equation.. TEEEEEETH !!
Had to go to my second installment of the deeeep cleaning. That left me weak and irritated and I had to slow things down so I can focus. My whole daily routine was moving in front of me in slow motion what with the teeth irritating me in the background. Crying kids, yelling wife, admonishing mother in law, nothing seemed to make a difference.. was searching for my purse in the restaurant yesterday while still holding it in my hand !!

Now, after a week, the teeth have finally relented, I have finished my HOMEWORK and have also gotten over the backlog at work. . . things should more or less get back on track starting today, or at least that is the hope.

And yes, this means I get to read all your blogs starting tonight !!


I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 6:38 PM, Blogger Visithra wrote...

Awww u poor thing - good luck with school and te new responsibilities and welcome back ;)


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