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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Greatest Show on Earth !!

Today, daddy decided to take his darling daughter to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey 3 Ring Circus. Having witnessed Kamala 3 Ring Circus when he was a five year old, daddy was overly optimistic that his daughter would be eternally grateful for the trip to the circus..


Making a toddler sit in the same seat for 2 hours plus is no easy feat. We still had a ton of fun and she was a well behaved kid for almost an hour and a half. Since it was a daddy daughter only affair, I decided to pamper her as much as possible. We went backstage to meet the animals (courtesy of IBM's special tickets).

Then we went up close and personal with the clowns and finally watched the show.. it was really cool. But I still think Kamala 3 Ring would give these guys a run for their money. They had all the same things these guys had and more. Here are some photos from the circus trip.

The best part was still the one man with 6 tigers in a cage..

We also left 5 minutes before the complete end of the show to beat the parking lot traffic and were lucky to catch the elephants leaving through the backside entrance.. we got to see all 10 elephants going one behind another on a San Jose street.. a treat to watch.


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