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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Beautiful people

Why did we go to india.. many have asked that question.

My grandparents (mothers father and mother) got married! In the south indian brahmin community, when the man turns 60 and 80 the couple get married all over again. This is similar to people in the west renewing their wedding wows after 50 years of marriage. The kids arrange the whole ceremony, an entire two day ceremony, just like a regular wedding.

My grandfather and grandmother got married when she was 6 and he was 11. That is how it was arranged in those days. She had just had her hair shaved off (SineadO Connor style) and story goes that he refused to marry her. Only after he was promised his favourite snacks, did he agree ! They went on to live with their respective folks till my grandmother became a woman , meeting only during religious functions. My mother was born when my grandma was 15. Here is the first ever photograph of the couple (my mom is the kid with the ballon)

Here is a picture of them getting married again,
same three people in this picture.. the difference ?
59 1/2 years of time passing by.

beautiful ? ain't it ?

- happy grandkid.


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Sundar- i really enjoy reading your blogs, they are written well and come with a true sense of identity that makes them more realistic.

Continue blogging.........

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thank you.



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