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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lake Cachuma

Lake Cachuma is around 6-8 miles from Solvang. A very short drive with two or three spots on the way.

First you pass an Ostrich farm on your right,

then you pass the Mission at Santa Ynes and after you make a right to go towards the lake you cross the Bradbury Dam View point.

The lake itself is just your run of the mill State Park Lake. But we got to see some blue Heron's fly back and forth from their nest. But I spent the time taking pictures of the local ducks.

Here is one.

Here is another one..

Yet another variety (although I am not sure if this is a duck!)

You get the PICTURE right ?

Note : It was a tragedy that my 4 year old Canon S30 could not zoom enough or had enough Mega Pixels to catch the Heron's which were just a few hundred feet away!! If only I had Digital EOS at hand...

I still love my S30 .. look at these shots..(you have to click on the panorama shot to see the larger version).

or this shot of Jr.

And here is Bradbury dam. The vista point entrance hyped up the place. It was scenic, but to the extent of the hype..

Here is the panaromic view from the Vista point..

There is a grill right at the Lake Marina..The most interesting thing (at the grill) was that the girl at the counter was downright flirting with me inspite of me having one kid on my shoulder and another one holding my hand. I was pondering the "Why?" for a full 30 minutes after I finished eating my lunch!

Now, that leaves only two more posts on this trip..

Mission at Santa Ynes
The stops on the way back (Morro Bay, Limekiln State park and sunset at Carmel)!

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