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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

BARR - Udupi Palace

Udupi Palace is a well known chain. We go to the one at Poplar and El Camino Real (for those of you outside California, you must have figured out by now that all the Indian eateries are on El Camino Real !).

It is a nice place with plenty of seating and you can find parking without difficulty, especially if you know that there is additional parking at the Jewellery store parking lot nearby.

There has been a recent staff change at Udupi with only two or three of the old timers left. The newbies are learning the ropes and I have to say that service this week was much better than what we got three weeks ago. We also got the feeling that the place was understaffed.

Wait time : 10 minutes (no one to seat you !!)
Food wait time from order : 15 minutes.
Check time : 3 minutes (Visa Mastercard Amex)
Average price per person : $14
Rating "Grandma, where are you ?".
Service : Average

Items sampled : Rava Dosa, Vegetable Bhaji, Poori Bhaji

You cannot go wrong by ordering Poori Bhaji at Udupi. The guys have nailed this one perfectly. You get three pooris instead of the two you get at other restaurants.

If you order items like rava dosa which take time to make, strongly suggest the vegetable Bhaji (Japanese folks- this is tempura, indian style). They give you two or three potato , two hot chili and two onion bhajis (batter fried veggies !). There is a slight hint of masala , thanks to the powder they spread on top. This comes with salad and an amazing chutney. They could have served the dosa with this chutney instead of the regular cocunut chutney.

The Rava dosa was a work of art. The three of us finished it so fast (good sambar too) that we decided to order another one. It was worth the wait. Same crispy crunchy, non oily rava dosa. It got the "yummy" with some vigorous head nodding from the little critic. The cocunut chutney was not the best we have had (Spice Hut will give these guys a run for their money on the cocunut chutney).

A very enjoyable dinner place. Things should improve once the newbie waiters pick up speed and improve on customer service. Strongly recommended !


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