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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Polycephalitis and the mother of all cows

Part of the lure and the lore that mythology and the gods create, are provided by multi-headed creatures and human beasts.

They definitely make for fantastic stories, develop your imagination and get you ready to believe in Harry Potter almost thirty or so years later!

Did you know that the Lord of Mylapore has a night program as well during the festival season? Yep. His calendar is fully blocked for that week and he is out late at night, sometimes as late as 5AM!

In this video, we catch him getting warmed up for an all nighter, on his polycephalitic snake. There was a large crowd for this Friday night special.

As a kid, we would never get this close to the god because of the crowd and the fear of a kid getting lost in the crowd. Any tamizh movie fan knows that the number one way to lose a child is to walk the kid through a temple festival crowd.

Here are the pictures.

The many headed Naagam (snake)

Kamadhenu, aka the mother of all cows, giver of infinite gifts

The horned goat

My mom said "5 headed snake. you always loved this one". On careful inspection at home with the digital pictures and the video with a 120x zoom, one finds out that the snake actually has 7 heads, not five! Even grandma was surprised by this find.

We always learn something new, don't we?


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