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Sunday, August 07, 2005

BARR - Spice Hut

A nice little Malabar Eatery at the corner of Remington and El Camino Real, that is more popular for its non-veg menu. But there is plenty of south indian vegetarian stuff at this place.

I still remember our first visit to spice hut almost two years ago when they had advertised two dosas, sambar and chutney for a $1.50. The "Set Dosa" hasn't changed in quality, and neither has the price ! Just like home, the dosa is slightly on the thick side, with the right sponginess (if there is such a word)!!

Wait time : 3 minutes
Food wait time from order : 10 minutes at 5 PM(have had to wait for upto 25 mins in the past at 8 PM)
Check time : 1 minutes (Visa or Mastercard Only)
Average price per person : $5.5
Rating "Grandma, where are you ?".
Service : excellent

Items sampled : Set Dosa, Dosa, Malabar Paratha, Vegetable Cutlet and Chai.

The dosa at spice hut (plain or with masala) is great in terms of quantity and quality. The dosa is large and filling and they give you enough sambar and cocunut chutney (really good chutney) to finish the dosa. We take home the remaining sambar to eat later with rice! The thing that stands out in the masala is the onions cut in ribbons instead of tiny pieces.

The Vegetable cutlet was crispy and just right.

The malabar paratha (same as Madras paratha at saravana bhavan, pilsbury readymade)- a layered wheat bread was thick and I strongly recommend that you eat this item first if you ordered more than one item. It gets a little leathery in texture if it goes cold. Not a fault of spice hut though. It is characteristic of paratha, in all restaurants.

Chai has been hit and miss for us at Spice Hut but today it was perfect.

The little one ate the dosa and cutlet and was declaring "yummy" all the way. She insisted on dipping the dosa in sambar and we let her. We thought it might be too spicy for her, but she had no problem and gave a double yummy.

Strongly recommended for light snacks or a filling dinner. Incidentally, they have changed all the tables and chairs which are really comfortable.


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