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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Insulting your audience

Went to the indian grocery store today. Asked the owner for the latest tamil movies. She said "anniyan" and "ullam ketkume" are the new releases in tamil but only "anniyan" was available. We had seen this movie already. I made the mistake of asking her if any other recent tamil releases are there. She gave us "azhaganavale".

I am sincerely hoping Balaji views this movie and writes a review (we will leave review writing to the Pro). We watched the movie is 40 minutes flat and at several points in the movie burst out laughing. But the laughs werent for the comic scenes.

To all tamil movie reviewers out there, we have a message. If you are in a foul mood after watching a really bad movie, please watch "azhaganavale" and you will instantly feel much better on your previous movie selection.


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