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Saturday, January 05, 2008

I just wanna fly...

Over the Christmas break, we had decided not to go on any long trip, partly because our trip to Santa Barbara, for the last week of december was planned way ahead and also because the BIL and his roommate were driving down to visit us!

We decided to do something local, but different.. we went on a free fall trip (just like jumping off a plane without a parachute), except you are 6 feet away from the ground inside a wind tunnel!

They spent 6 million dollars to build this tunnel in the bay area and for a modest(really!!) fee of 50 dollars a person, they give you two chances to go in the wind tunnel and experience free fall!!!

(needless to say, San looks real pretty in that suit and therefore her picture has been cropped on demand! Now back to the topic...)

Of course, there is a training class, safety instruction, gearing up with a suit, pads, helmet, ear plugs etc.. just like you would prepare for a free jump. So the preparation is half an hour for a two minute jump! That is to be expected for any adventure I guess...

It was fantastic!!

We took the kids with us into the outer chamber where they watched daddy and mommy and uncles fly. They did start screaming uncontrollably when Grandma decided to fly. Good thing no one could hear them. Grandma made an attempt which was aborted but did a nice comeback on her second try! She flew for a total of 1.3*10^-13 seconds. Those video clips will never see the light of day, I am being told!

If you want to try this, go to www.iflysfbay.com , but you have to call in well in advance to get a reservation. The instructors are really nice, courteous and extremely patient with first time fliers! They practise formation flying inside this tunnel. We watched the pros inside the tunnel for a full 15 mins before we got in. It was mind boggling..

We had a great time!

ps. make sure there is someone with a steady hand outside to take your pictures or you will get out of focus shots. It is noisy in there..

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