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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Google ???

Last week we were invited to eat in the Google Cafeteria !! thanks to our relative who works there. Originally he had signed us up to be a lunch guest for Googles 7th birthday, but I was sick and bed ridden, so we managed to go there this past week.

It was an amazing experience. Have never seen a cafeteria provide that much stuff for free to its employees. Great food, great ambience, great people !! It looked and felt more like the RPI cafeteria (except the food was much much better compared to what I used to get 8 years ago!).

One of the things we talked about was how Google doesnt advertise anywhere. They just get free publicity and they generate all their profit from advertising !

This week I watched both CSI New York and the CSI episodes on CBS. In the CSI New York episode Google got free advertising (as the best place to get information). There was more advertising for google when a suspect gives an email address which is gmail.com !!!

Either Google is paying CBS for advertising or CBS script writers are pissed off with Microsoft !!


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