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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The search is over.

Our year long search for the right television ended today. Considering that a television purchase is one once in a decade, it is a big day for us.

My first television set was purchased in 1994. It was a SHARP 20" for which I paid $180 in those days ! When I finally left college and came to the real world the thing was still working without a flaw after almost 5 years. I gave it to my roomates for half price and word was that it was working till its 6th year.

My second TV set (another SHARP , a 29") cost me $450 in 1998 and is working nicely to the day. I am pretty sure it will continue to work for another 3-4 years easily.

I have graphed my expectation below for the new TV

we expect this set to work for at least the next 15 years !!

And for those curious folks who are wondering which TV we bought, it is a LG/ Zenith 52" LCD. Why go for LG /Zenith you say ? We got a mail in offer you couldnt refuse. So much that, we had to go to a Goodguys store to confirm if the online deal was really true !

We will let you know the ups and downs of this TV once we actually see it installed.

Ps. for a link to the offer go to


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congrats sundar! can't wait to come by and check it out :)


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