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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bumper Sticker Ideas.

We were talking to someone at the bank, when she said "I would like to slowly build our trust". I laughed at this .. When she asked me why I laughed I said "Trust is Digital".

She had a "What is he trying to say?" look on her face. Then I realized that my engineering brain had summed it up a little too nicely. Then I explained it to her that what I meant was there are only two possibilities.. either you trust someone or you dont (0 or 1). there is no in between. So we told her that if we trust her now, we trust her 100%. Guess that made her very happy.

Later this week, my realtor shows us this fabulous house on a little hill, which is way out of our means.. Obviously my wife liked it and said "this house is nice". I had a disappointed look on my face. When she saw that, I said "Already nice, premium price!" (we are not going anywhere near that house, but sure aspired me to go towards something like that 5-6 years from now ).

Guess I was on a roll when it came to making bumper stickers last week..


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