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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

LimeKiln State Park..

And now for the grand finale on the Route 1, Solvang series photo blogs..

Limekiln State park !!

We decided to go back on Route 1 (after stopping at several vista points along 101 and tossing and turning -- either go home before 6:00 to feed the kids or wing it and go back on Route 1 and catch some sites)

Finally route 1 it was.. the men pretty much voted for this. Balaji had already scoped out Limekiln, as a sure bet!

So, off we went without realizing that to get to the 100 foot falls, we had to cross the creek at four points, two of those without any sort of bridge.. just cross the rocks..

Needless to say, my shoes were wet after doing multiple trips across every crossing to ferrry the kids back and forth !

But it was all worth it..

There was this rock at the edge of the creek and baby wanted a break.. so I put her on the rock and stepped back to take a picture. I was reprimanded for the act (but it was deja vu for me...I had put Jr. on top of a wooden post at 8000 feet in Rainbow point, Bryce canyon two years ago). Luckily baby did not misbehave and was absorbed on some insect she found on the rock.

One "baby on the rocks" coming right up..

Finally, a picture of sunset on the way back ..

Being a metallurgist, I was disappointed that we never made it to the kilns, but that can always be done another day, when the kids can cross the creek on their own..

Here is a video of Dora the Explorer's at Limekiln state park..

I am working on a large video of the entire trip. Will post it later.

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