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Sunday, July 16, 2006


This post is about two things..

1. In case you were wondering what the hell the previous post was all about, it was about shaving off all the hair on baby's head. It is a rite of passage ritual that usually is done just before the baby turns 1 !! But in the interest of modern day photography, videography, people dont want their kid to have a shaved head on the first birthday ceremony (traditional) or the birthday party.. Since it is okay to shave off baby's hair anytime after she is 8 months old, we do it as early as possible.. since our plans to go to India anytime soon are not coming through, we decided to do this sooner..

2. I would have loved to , realllly loved to post a picture of baby with no hair. She is adorably cute with a bigggg head and a cute smile. But since I have no rights within the house, the Cupertino resident Censor board Chairman (my wife) and the Secretary (my mother-in-law) and the Federal board in general ( the great grandmas, indian Grandma) have protested.

Their supreme logic ? Putting any baby/ Jr. photos directly correlates to the baby or Jr. falling sick. I could correlate Earthquakes in California happening everytime the average color of all the grandma's sari's on a scale of 256 is somewhere between 45 and 80 and ask them to discard 80% of their sari's. It is absurd but hey, the censor board rules. Unlike Vadivelu and Shankar, who can go to the Chief Minister of TamilNadu and release censor board issues, I have no supreme power to go beg to !!

Since only full facial photos of baby or Jr. are not allowed, in protest I post the following photos..


After :

Well, now you get the idea !!!


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