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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another beach trip

Madras, 104 F and climbing. Our family on vacation after my hectic trip to Madurai. "We got to show the little one some Madras fun !" said chittappa and chitti (my brother and his wife). Also my pregrant wife looked like she could use a break from the potty debacle. I will post soon on the perils of taking freshly potty trained toddlers to places where western toilets are not available and even if available, have wet floors and a little hand shower ! The results can be very testing to aduts who accompany such young ones. I digress, so back to the topic.

My brother decided to take us to the Besant Nagar beach. We crammed into the Maruti and went to the beach. As soon as we got there, we realized that half of Madras had decided to come to the beach that day. We made our way to the water but the little one refused to even set foot on the sand. Had to carry her the whole way to the water. This prompted my brother to remark "your daddy used to bring the entire beach to the house when he came back and you dont want any sand on you ? "

My trips to the beach were legendary. Used to come back home with a bag of shells and leave a sand trail all through the house.

My wife was so happy to see the water, and she started enjoying the waves. That encouraged the little one to get in the act. Everyone except chitti got their feet wet. We were amused by thre four stray dogs which checked us out !

It was dusk and a perfect time for enjoying all "beachy things" ! Some sundal, a ride in a "hand powered carousel" and needless to say a large ballon purchase. The crowd was really enjoying it too. In spite of a few thousand people crammed into a few thousand square feet, we felt we still had our privacy. Finally found one thing in Chennai that has not changed since my childhood days - the beach going experience.


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