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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maruthis and Mustangs, move over ...

When six hundred or so folk pull a ther (car) with 8 foot wheels around a temple tank for over 5 hours followed by a few mini ther's, it is not fair to compare it to any modern day car.

This is one event where no writeup can do justice. It was just spectacular. There was a public exam scheduled for the government schools that monday morning and in spite of that, this was the crowd!

There are only happy tears, when words fail you.

My grandpa got to see this video and he could not speak. He just lifted his hand and moved it to show "I bless you". That made my day, that made my "trip" and somehow for a fleeting moment, erased that image that I had of myself as the grandson who lived far away, unable to help his grandpa in any way.

A few photo highlights..

The remover of obstacles, literally! Vinayagar goes and clears the mylapore morning traffic for the other chariots.

The lineup from behind

The main Chariot (Ther)


Pinnazhagu? Jr. was so envious of Ambaal's long hair!

Subramanya, Valli and Devaanai

A stitch shot of the main chariot.

This will be the last event summary post from the festival. I had to fly out the same night and missed the Arubathumoovar and another favorite, the China Potti fireworks! After this Chennai trip, there is a new belief. It is a small planet and there might be another chance to see this Utsavam in this lifetime, for one never knows.

ps. My original Video was rejected by Youtube because it was 47 seconds longer than the 10 minute limit. The next attempt was my edit of that video which ended up very grainy.. so the video posted above was the third or fourth attempt which should also be near high definition clarity!

Linking my two earlier attempts (1 and 2) of making this video out of almost 30 minutes of unedited footage, just to remind myself "if you try and fail, try again!"


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 1:53 AM, Blogger Kavi wrote...

I wonder if they stack up Nanos , how many Nanos will fit in here !


As you can see, i am still in the Nano mood !!!

And btw, wonderful images. And i could 'see' the grandfather's wishes ! Some moments stay.

And also, btw, the girls are growing !! Not that i expected anything otherwise. I am just saying that its such a treat to see them do that...albeit on the blog...!



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