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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Google Talk !!

Over the last few years, I have tried a lot of google products.

First it was gmail which I got hooked to. Had been invited to get the beta version, thanks to a colleagues wife who works at google and loved the new features.. you start typing the persons mail id and it auto completed and I didnt have to throw anything away just like they advertised.

Then it was picassa. It is now my default photo editor. Even crappy circus pictures taken with my autofocus camera become better with the "I am feeling lucky" button.

this was followed by the google desktop search. This is a much better search than the one I get as default on my computer. It gives me results from within my computer and the internet.

Then there was the one blemish. "hello" - an add on to picassa to publish photo blogs. This one is not self explanatory and did not work for me on many occasions. They could definitely improve this software and how it works with picassa or blogger.

Not to mention blogger.. which by now you all know, I am addicted to.

The reason for this blog and I have taken my time to get to the point is that we downloaded Google talk over the weekend. They have a great success rate with new products even when they start in markets where they lag behind. Maybe it is the simplicity of the products or the way the word "google" rolls off your tongue!

We had three voice conversations, one with pittsburg, one with india and another one within sunnyvale. The quality of the voice is crystal clear for all the three calls. We had a long chat with my in-laws thanks to Google talk.

For all you soon to be married, engaged folk who read my blog :

time to do GTalk instead of spending on the phone lines !



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