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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Getting Naked (not a NC17 post)

In my recent swimming classes, I am being exposed ! to the public shower. Having never used a public shower in my life (other than in temple ponds and the like) I was quite shocked to see that 90% of the guys walk in naked ! My wife confirmed that the same thing was true in the ladies shower room.

My daughter, who has so far been protected from having to see naked adults walking freely was naturally curious in that shower. When my wife and daughter had come to watch my first swimming lesson, my daughter wanted to go to the restroom. My wife took her to the ladies restroom and came back with a glum look on her face. My daughter was staring at the other ladies in there who were walking around.

It is going to get worse when I take my kid to the "parents and tots" class. I am sure she will stare longer when she sees a bunch of naked guys walking around, unless my wife agrees to come to every lesson with us. This brings me to the fundamental question..

How do you tell a kid that it is not okay to get naked in front of others when so many people around us are immune to it ? Even if I shower with my trunks on and use a towel when I change, I cannot expect the other people in the shower to do the same thing. In fact the two other guys in the shower were looking at me like there was somthing wrong with me. I am pretty sure I am no homophobe, but it is something in the way that I was raised that makes me uneasy about this whole shower business. But teaching my kid what accepted levels of nudity in front of others (shower or otherwise) is going to be a challenge. Lets see how my engineering brain deals with this one !


I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 6:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

I have now spent most of the morning reading your blogs, and didn't do a single job. too many things on my mind and let me index and sort this out before I update this.

1)It was fantastic to read about all your experience in the hotels.
2)After seeing your rava dosai, (I think I have mentally noted down the contents, I myself a good cook always bought MTR Rava mix, here. ) so will try your receipe some time today.
3)Your palani trip notes were very good.
Generally, what I like about your blogging is, there is a flow, which is captivating. I don't touch computer at home, as I play golf as soon as I go home in the evening, in winter times, I play batminto for 5th division Scotland Heather league.
I clicked your blog from Venkitu Narayanan, as he is my friend for the last 40 years (now your brain would have guessed how old I am), Yes right from LKG we are friends.
Your montana photo is my background picture now.
3)I liked the photos where you have tried to prove that your daughter is similar to her mother generation. Fantastic.
What I like about this is that, intha photo ellam thedi poi atha korvaya intha blog ooda serthu irukeegale, that was good. so naan thamizahn.
I liked one of your other blogs about you meeting your friends and then an older photo of yours at tee kadai. That was nice.

So when you finally find an answer to this nudity question, please post a reply here.

I am Varadharajan, sortly called Rajan. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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