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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ashland Trip - Yummy Indian Cuisine !

On our recent Crater Lake trip, we stopped at Ashland (a town 13 miles from Medford, Oregon). It was amazing. The place is famous for the Shakespear festival held there. There are plays going all year round (we didnt plan on going to a play, not with a toddler anyways).

The place ranks among the cutest places we have visited, like Carmel, Calistoga or Carpentaria in California or Boron in Nevada, just to name a few.

The small downtown was a few streets around Lithia Park with a water fountain that had aromatic water in it! We also happened to see this huge indian restaurant called "Deep" (means light in Hindi , not to be confused with Depth!).

The place had the look and feel of a British Indian Restaurant.. you can always tell these places by the decor and feel which reeks of the "Raj" influence. The aroma was wafting towards the river bank and it lured us in.. Before we knew it, we were comfortably seated ...Mmmm... the naan, the malai kofta, the samosas.. still cant get it out of my mind. Couldnt help but think "have the bay area indian restaurants really gone down in quality because there are too many indians who flock to these restaurants anyways ?".

In the middle of nowhere, in a small town, an amazing Indian restaurant which had the bay area tandoori places beat in every department : food quality, quantity, service, ambience, music.. just amazing.

In case you ever visit Ashland in Oregon, try Deep India Cuisine. The river runs right behind the restaurant (it is on river street !) and the experience is worth it.

It was kind of weird that we were the only indians in the place and the rest of the crowd was all either white families (most of them with a British Origin) or Flower power crowd (wearing psychedelic T-shirts and Bob Marley style hair-do's), but they probably found us as weird as we found them.

Try it next time you visit!!


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