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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Record breaking temperatures

We are not talking about April Temperatures in the city of Chennai anymore..

The little one topped at 104.1 F yesterday which is probably a family record. We are always amazed by her ability to pick up bugs with such efficiency and consistency year after year.

Foresaw a fight with San in the middle of the night where she will insist on sending the little one back to her bed and I will say "She cannot even breathe.. she is gasping for breath and is having difficulty standing on her own legs. How can you think of sending her to her bed?" etc. etc. We might as well videotape this and replay it every year instead of going through the motions and wasting new energy!

The fight did happen as predicted last night but no one else is sick. Now that is something to be thankful for!

Poor thing was brave through the whole thing. She was tired today and lay down on daddy's lap and watched a frustrated daddy learn Photoshop.

As a dad trying to be "responsible" (San will strongly contest this), my logic was "let me show this girl a few important things in life" like

- always read the manuals
- watch others show you how to do things (ask for help)
- listen to what the instructor is saying without moving on (which is what she does usually)
- Practice makes perfect

As usual, I was wrong. There is a generation gap and kids today have grown up with iPhones, iPads and Laptops.

She was looking at me much the same way Jane Goodall must have looked at the apes in Africa after handing them a small straw to see how they catch ants from anthills with the straw!

Simply could not understand why daddy would hit "Undo" so many times and repeat what he just did for the last five minutes. So the practice makes perfect concept is not going to sink in. Also she thinks daddy is incompetent!

She was happy when the photo improved 80% after the 20% effort and saw no point in going the extra 80% effort to get it close to 100% improvement. Don't know how we are going to teach her that the idea of not stopping with the 80/20 rule.

As irony would have it, what a sunny and beautiful day to be staying indoors with a tired kid and Photoshop!

The house was not without the occasional laughs.

Little one to Mom: Pause the TV. I have to go to the restroom..
Mom : you have watched this Super singer episode already and you can hear them sing from the bathroom
LO : Fine. But if you play it while I am in the bathroom you have to back forward it
Jr.: It is called REWIND! Not Back Forward!
LO : Really?!

She is doing much better today. We look forward to her being her bubbly self tomorrow..


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