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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time lapse

A week went by and we are trying to figure out how it just slipped past.

we were there outside the public library playing on the lamp posts and taking photos one minute..

Then we had Jr. bring in a cold. She got out of it in a day but passed it on to the little one. The little one for her turn braved a cold for almost a week.

Even dressed up nicely and supported her sister and helped beautify daddy last weekend..

Did you see how she wiped her nose on her brand new Paavaadai seamlessly before putting that stuff all over my hair? Did you also see that neither Jr. nor myself even noticed it... till we replayed the video!

Then daddy took a turn for the worse. What he thought was allergies went into a full blown infection of sorts to the point of forming pus inside the nose and sinuses.

Now the family has folks waiting in hospital rooms with masks on.

We are almost all recovered with Mom still sniffling and the little one coughing with her mask on.

We are told that things will be back to NORMAL in a day or max two.

Today the parents made a trip outside to get some medicines and it definitely did not look like a summer evening outside at 7PM. It looks and feels like mid December out there!

We have been in the bay area for more than a decade and have never seen this kind of weather in May. Just does not make any sense.

No wonder then that the bodies are reacting the way they do!

Let's keep ignoring the environment and see where this takes the planet and its inhabitants..

I can almost hear my grandma say "Kaliyugam da Sundaram!"

ps. On the plus side, learnt that the hospitals have these masks for kids with Mickey mouse and Donald Duck on them and the kids actually like to wear them and protect their parents from the cough!

If the existence of such mask was known to daddy earlier, would have used it and never gotten into this situation in the first place.

Then again, nowing Jr. and the little one, they would have always found some other creative way to get me sick.


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I hope you've all recovered now. Kids:)


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