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Monday, December 31, 2007

A trip to close out 2007

Last year we went through Route 1 to Solvang and back. We loved it so much that this year, we decided to go through, a little farther till Santa Barbara, and see spots we missed last time.

A short summary of it in pictures. Pictures, that speak a lot more than my words!!Some of these composite stitch shots, were taken from 10-32 pictures, and may be large and have long download times!!

A stop at Point Lobos (thanks to a colleague who suggested some real nice places that are not visited by most, especially China Cove.. we had our own private beach for an hour or two). It was unforgetable.

Sunset at San Simeon..

A visit to the Mission at Santa Barbara (lot of history).

The Botanical Gardens on the mountains of Santa Barbara

A panoramic view of the entire coastal city from the Courthouse

Letting the kids play on a playground on the beach

Captain Don's pirate ship cruise to watch Sea Lions and around Pelican Island at Stearns Wharf

A night at Pismo Beach and a room with a view ..

Oh what a room and what a view!! The rooms in this hotel must have been the source of many a "lets get married", "lets make babies" or even some "never mind that divorce we were talking about"... Oh what a room and what a view...

Getting back to the topic, a great trip!!!

As I try valiantly to complete this post amidst blogger errors, drinking Apple-Pear Cider with near and dear ones, pausing our blockbuster rental midway to catch the fireworks on TV at midnight..

I think.. little will change in 2008.. or who knows what the future holds for us?

Have a wonderful 2008!


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