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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A ____ is worth a 1,xx,xxx,xxx _______

A picture is worth ~ 1000 words
A video is worth ~ 400 pictures (my typical 30 second clip that is!)

As a tribute to the lazy, I have compiled a video of the recent trip..

Warning : This Video must be worth approximately 75,000 words !

Things seen in video that were left out in photoblogs..

There is a store in downtown Solvang called Del Sol. All products in the store are made with a special compound that changes color under sunlight.. T-shirt logos, bangles, hairclips, caps, you name it !!

There is a wonderful Chocolate factory that sells home made ice cream .. must have when you go to Solvang!

The road to happiness (aka Route 1) with screaming kids + ARR hits + Ocean wind noise.. only the video captures it best..

We really enjoyed this trip. Hope you enjoy the video..

Better, hope you actually get to experience this someday!

The original posts can be found here:

Intro to trip
Sisters at play
Coastal highway
Solvang downtown
Lake Cachuma
The Santa Ynez (Saint Agnes) Mission
Morro Bay
Limekiln State Park

In other news, the Digital Rebel XTi has been VETO'ed !! Apparently, this video is so good!! inspite of being shot with the S30.. so it is "Dream on, camera boy!!" for Daddy Narayanan..

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