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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Solvang et. al.

This is a continuation of the photoblog series..

Solvang is really beautiful. Cute shops that look like they are frozen in time. It is almost like visiting Denmark, with the addition of pedal carts, horse drawn carriages, no tto mention the cute shops..

It was a treat to take pictures of the kids in the Solvang park, which is right next to the Hans Christian Anderson Museum..

The statue in the park ..

The cutesy pedal carts in Solvang..

Window displays outside stores that are a treat to watch..

We came to Solvang pretty late, after spending the day at Lake Cachuma and the Mission at Santa Ynez. (I will post on those two places separately). So before we knew it, the town shut down and all the shops closed and it was just us and the lights..

The main street and two other streets were well lit (beyond that it was residential areas, just like any other city). Here is one of the side streets.

The Main street in Solvang, nicely lit.

The courtyard of a small mall with a fountain that had four horses in the four sides..

Statues at one end of the mall

After spending time in the few blocks of well lit Solvang, we realized that there was no place to eat!! The place where we stayed (the famous Pea Soup Andersons) closed down at 7:15 for Christmas eve. It was a pity that we stayed here but never drank the Pea Soup..

We were left scampering to find food. Thankfully, there were two options. A mexican place and a Chinese place. We choose Chinese. The Mandarin Touch restaurant, which I will never forget. Probably only place open in Solvang till 11:00 on X-mas eve !! We thanked Jesus for this restaurant ...

The fried rice was yum yum yummy delicious! It was either this or go cook Maggi noodles in the microwave in the Hotel room..

Will have two more posts on this local travel series. One on Lake Cachuma and one on the Mission at Santa Ynes, over the next two days..

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