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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Corruption ?

Read this post by Sree recently. Was reminded of my own post, just after I started blogging !!

Guess things havent changed much in two years!

This post is not just about those questions. It is about the reference to the movie Guru!

Mani Ratnam has made a great movie, a real entertainer and I give him credit for it.

If you have watched Aviator, you cannot help but wonder if a few scenes from Guru have taken their inspiration from Aviator. Would especially point to the one where Leonardo or Abhishek sit down in front of the panel and they take a good look all the whirring video cameras, or the ones where both of them say "do whatever it takes to get the contract". Leonardo offers prostitutes, Abhishek offers a veiled threat!

The jist of Aviator(Guru) is that Howard Hughes (Gurukant Desai) wants to be the king of the Aviation(textile) industry in US (India) and eventually the world, and he has to fight corruption at the Senator(Minister) level to be just that. In doing so, he faces the wrath of the govenment, stockholders, competitors, and the press, then goes through an inquiry comittee and finally comes out with minor damages! In short one man fights against a system that tries to hold him down when he starts firing on all cylinders!

Aviator is more of a biography that focus on Hughes and his disease while Guru is a love story for the most part! So the movies have a look and feel that is very very different.

What is interesting is that :
Howard Hughes - Mid 1940's!
Dhirubhai (Guru) - Mid 1970's!

I do not think things have changed much in the USA or India in regards to the system! The only difference in my opinion is people in the USA are exposed to these corruption levels only if they are multi millionaries, trying to become billionaries. In India even the poorest end up tasting the system!

To clarify, you cannot bribe traffic cops or building inspectors in the US. People who represent the rule of law that an average citizen would normally come in contact! At least I have not heard of any instances. We do get stories of corrupt politicians who take bribes in all forms almost on a daily basis when we tune into public radio!! (Cunningham, Abramof stories, etc. etc.).
I guess in the US, "A bribe too small is not worth taking!!". (I like the way that just came out. Should trademark this Gandhimadhi style!).

As long as sparrows have existed, so have sparrowhawks!! As long as citizens exist, there will be politicians, a goverment by the people, of the people, for the people, that also screws the people if they challenge the government in any way!

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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 12:44 AM, Blogger Kavi wrote...

Your post brings to the fore a very important distinction in the forms of corruption between here and there.

Over here, no amount is small. Because of the sheer numbers who will pay to get ahead. By a few meters. When you have laws that are as complex, archaic and leaves so much room for interpretation coupled with a mindset that takes to corruption with half a shrug, the sparrow hawks will continue to get 'willing sparrows' !

Interesting comparison though, with Aviator. Had watched Aviator sometime back, but didnt quite draw parallels until you pointed out.

I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 8:15 PM, Anonymous silkboard wrote...

though I haven't seen either of the movies Sundar, I agree with your take. Things (ie corruption) would just happen at a higher level in developed nations.

Why? 2-3 things in my opinion. One is cops and public sector employees at similar levels dont make pittances (like guys here do). Two - feedback/complaints systems have matured with time. One cop alone can't screw you up. Three - you don't have that many govt interactions at lower levels, so fewer 'bribing' situations in the first place.


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