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Friday, April 06, 2012

The photoshop allure

After using freeware for almost 16 years to edit images, finally got Photoshop CS5, thanks to a friend who works at Adobe!

In the last 24 hours have been watching online videos to grasp some basics of image editing.

Jr. , my all time favorite model posed for a sample picture to start the editing process.

It is a simple image of her in front of our living room wall, but gives enough material to practice a few tutorials ..

The software is amazing if you can find things in the myriad menus embedded in every nook!

For now learned to do basic image edits, convert an image to black and white, selectively colorize areas of a picture, create a border, add a copyright symbol into the signature (which took the longest time to figure out) and save the picture to custom specifications!

This software is probably going to keep me on a steep learning curve for a year or more!

Well, never too late to play with pictures at another level..


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