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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kids can be unintentionally cruel

Last week Jr. went to perform an Alto Sax Solo at an old age home as part of a voluntary program. After they were back from it she said "Daddy, half the people there were not realizing what was going on but they shook their head from side to side as though in a trance."

San : They are very old people and have dementia or Alzheimers! That happens to all people who eventually live long enough.. so you should be sensitive to that. You will also get to be like that someday.

LO : But you will get there first before us!

Today mom decided to try Yoga. It was a much awaited event in the house as we were not sure if she would actually go. After she left, we had a conversation about mom's previous one time Yoga attempt with grandma.

Jr.: She went but did not sweat. That means she probably did it wrong?

Me : No. It means she didn't push herself enough or her pores have not opened out yet because she is not used to exercise. If she went a few days in a row she will also sweat like crazy

LO : Or maybe she was too fat that time to do the poses right!

Me : No. She (was not/is not/will not be/will never be)fat.

The little one is suffering a cold and is at her brutal best!


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Poor Mom:(


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