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Monday, January 02, 2012

Just Dance Kids

The kids have been playing "Just Dance for Kids", on the Wii at their cousins place practically every alternate day since X-mas.

They were hooked to the songs and we were hooked on watching the little one make those cute dance moves. She really gets into it and moves like a pro!

Was not happy when we went to Best Buy and the store clerk said "there is no Just dance for kids in Kinect. Only for Wii. Kinect is aimed more at adult audiences and Wii is more of a family entertainment thing" and he went on to give us a few Dance options which either had "mature" dance moves or Lyrics that were PG13 or simply NC17!

My track record with Microsoft Hardware products has not been good. Even bad mouthed Microsoft and ended up in a fight with the wife and MIL because saying negative things about THE company is tantamount to abusing the BIL in proxy and that is not nice.

Considering the fact that I verbally abuse most companies including IBM, Google, Motorola, McAfee, Adobe and Microsoft on a regular basis thanks to certain shortcomings on their products and the only companies that seem to make me happy are Canon and Apple it should be clear that the household is very polarized at times!

Thanks to a Wiki article that had an entire list of Kinect Games, was able to find out that there is a Kinect version of Just Dance for Kids and is available in "select" stores.

Went and bought one for the kids this evening.. just to see them smile and dance away!

Totally worth it!


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Aditi wrote...

So cute!! Maybe an Apple gift card would have been a better b'day gift ? :-):-)


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