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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The school holidays begin..

The kids are on break now. This year they did not even ask me if I was going to make it to their end of year class party. They knew daddy would not come.

They asked their mom and were disappointed to hear a "sorry" from her as well!

They had fun anyways...

Jr. made a gingerbread house and brought it home. It was great!

The little one made me a car ornament and that was great as well!

The best part was an email from the little one that was waiting in my inbox Friday evening!

A section of which is..

hi appa i am so glad that for two weeks there is no school and it is so fun
so i can play with you of the whole week i hope you have no work to so i
can play with you.a

Well, will disappoint her again, but the good news is she is getting used to it!


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Good one Sundar! Finally I got to read your blog articles!!


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