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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Someone has made it big?

It looks like our wedding Videographer has finally made it big in the movie industry!

Watched the latest Ajith movie yesterday and it did not impress me. Yes, it is impressive that Ajith (who is a mainstream hero with probably 3 hits out of 50 films that you can name off the top of your head) decided to play an anti hero role in his 50th movie! That still doesn't make the movie good or different.

There are lot many movies today that are more experimental than this one which are not getting the same hype! Most of the scenes that got claps are copies from other movies, even the song in the background score with the movie title sounds like a rip from Kaminey!

Anyways, it is very difficult for someone like me who has seen way too many movies and remembers things to appreciate "imported" scenes in Tamil movies. If you have seen Angelina Jolie pull James McAvoy into a car as she spins it towards him, it is difficult to appreciate Arjun doing the same thing and clap.

Folks who have not seen "Wanted" will jump up and clap. Again, this post meanders into a movie critique. That was not the intent..

There is one song in this movie, which is a take off from a beer commercial where everything except the people builds itself (the walls, furniture , etc. ) in some kind of self assembly format. The focus is so much on the special effects that you miss the song, the actors and everything else.

Classic case of overdoing a special effect.. kind of like our wedding video!

Ajith multiples in much the same fashion I did in our wedding video! That leaves us to the inescapable conclusion...

Wedding videographers, keep practicing your special effects and one day you too can make it big in the movies!


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