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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Going to "fast"

Getting tired of hearing the news with every two time politician and social activist starting a fast.

Seriously here, here, here and here...and much much more.

Half these guys are overweight and their fasting is more of a much needed break from binge eating. To top this off, they get a ton of press, a "breaking the fast" press release where everyone is feeding the faster (fastee?) a glass of orange juice, milk, sweets etc. which negate the whole fast this guy was on, which by the way does not go past one day (typically)!

Next thing we know there will be headlines like :

10 year old boy goes on fast unto iPad 3 or

Engineering graduate goes on fast unto getting a girlfriend in Chennai etc..

For crying out loud, enough with the fasting already!

We should say "patni kedakkariya.. Nalladhu! Odambu koraiyum." (Want to starve for a few days, good. Your body will get in shape).

Or I am going to go on a fast unto no fasting..


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