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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Size trends

An old post was remembered and dug out of the Archives ..

The new trend seems to go in the opposite direction!

There was a company provided Samsung blackjack prior to the iPhone which definitely fits in the gap like a missing data point in the graph.

The phones seem to be growing longer, wider and thinner. They seem to stick out of our regulation size pockets!

That made me think for the first time in my adult life about pockets!

Why are pockets in T-shirts and shirts the same size?
How come they are the same across the world? How come Americans didn't say all American shirts will have pockets on the right side instead of the left? In a world where people drive cars differently, have no universal connector for electronic devices, have multiple measurement systems across the world, the pocket has managed to stay the same size? how come? what is the secret behind it?

and while pondering about the pocket went back to doze off!

Soon we will need bigger pockets to carry these thinner ipad size phones. Can totally imagine a conversation with my tailor in India..

Me : Shirt'oda sEthu pocket'a konjam perisa thaiyunga saar! (just like the shirt stitch the pocket also one size bigger)

Tailor : Why?

Me : Valarra phone! (growing phone)

If it happens, you read it first here...


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