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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Even tigers eat grass

There is a saying in Tamil..

இந்த புலியும் புல்லை திங்குமா?

Indha puliyum Pullai thinguma? (will this tiger ever eat grass? in reference to a change of preference when it comes to dire circumstances)

Jr. did it in our India trip. A girl who has never had a penchant for planes, trains and automobiles when it comes to toys, a girl who uses purses and handbags as her only props for playing daycare, or school or hospital or anything for that matter..

had to make do with boys toys because that is all my nephew had! Planes, train sets and cars and vans of every kind.

The little one did nor care what the game was as long as there was fighting for ownership involved!

It was a treat to watch Jr. play train!


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