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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bring your kids to Yoga day!

Why not?

BYSJ had a special event today to introduce the little ones to Yoga and to have them see what their parents do in the Yoga room..

Both Jr. and the little one were good sports. They said "if it is hot and sweaty and I cannot do it, will sit down okay?"

Told them that is exactly what daddy also does in the room when it gets to be difficult.

They did great!

We have only one out of focus picture (thanks to San who needs a photography lesson even for an iPhone) but the studio took a lot more pictures. Hopefully we get to see them in some of the pictures.

It was a fun experience to show them the exercises in a not so hot room with one set of exercises, but kept them going.

Hope they make it a regular event..


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The whole session kids sat in the hot room ?


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