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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring is in the air

The little one made a spring hat at school. Ended up too small for her head. Guess Kindergarten engineering did not account for any shrinkage factors during the making of the paper hat.

It is really nice and colorful. She was reluctant to pose because it did not fit..

Now that hat gets to languish in the garage till its one year expiry date and then goes bye bye

The photograph on the other hand gets to be revisited every now and then.

We made it to our favorite hangout, the Natural bridges in Santa Cruz last week to let the kids play in the sand, watch the tide pool creatures and just get some sun. The water was still cold enough to make me stay off it.

Here are some photographs..

Break is over and the kids start school again tomorrow. The kids had to stay content with trips to Livermore and Santa Cruz, but they did enjoy the time spent at home with grandma and caught up on sleep. Lots of sleep.

The routine begins tomorrow!


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