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Sunday, January 09, 2011

When work becomes the "other" woman...

A grueling week at work, not a new thing for this household by any stretch. The adults are both trying to sync every minor detail on their respective calendars which border on the ridiculous.

Who is going to "wipee" kid #2 tomorrow morning? you? okay then, put it on your calendar. Make a commitment and stick to it.. etc. etc.. You know what we mean..

Then Friday afternoon comes and dad is getting nauseous. Four hours of sleep on Thursday night may have had something to do with it, but sleep deprivation doesn't send one to the restroom repeatedly. That must have been the work of picking up germs from doorknobs.

Here is a tip for workaholic husbands who try to do their best at sharing the workload at home in a family where both adults work and take their work a little too seriously.

Never fall sick on Friday afternoon! Never ever!

The perception at home will start monologues from wife and kids like "you gave all your blood sweat and tears to her and you come home and want to lie down on a Friday evening? How dare you? Go ask her to take care of your sick little behind!"

After some time you scratch and wonder who else you are sleeping with and figure out they are talking about your workplace in (fem.)!

Fortunately in this case by Saturday morning after a heavy dose of sleep the body felt as normal as possible and then the wife shows "symptoms".

Note to wives of workaholic husbands who fall sick on Friday evenings?

Lock the dumb dude in the bedroom or garage and make sure the rest of you stay clear of him. If you fall sick, then he just won't be able to handle it. Just thinking about it will make him sick again. Management studies have repeatedly shown that managing 60+ adults at work is easier than managing two children under the age of 9!

Now that the weekend has come and gone without anything out of the ordinary for cold winter weeks in the last few years, we go into yet another week of busy work, sparse blogging, fights that fizzle out even before they start because of other distractions, etc. etc.!

On the bright side we had a great potluck dinner this weekend with a bunch of friends we meet rarely and checked out an iMac at the local Apple store. The videos and photos from a 21 MP camera are not handled by a Lenovo T60 with hardly any memory left. If there are any recommendations for a computer that can be bought on the cheap to handle large image and video files, please do leave it in the comment box.

Having been confined indoors the last few days, have been trying to take videos of the fish in the aquarium with the 50mm f2.5 macro lens mounted on the 5DMK2. You feel like Jack Costeau when you zoom into the aquarium like that and bring out the fins of those little things and project it on a 52 inch monitor! Will try to post a video of the "fishies" shot with real shallow focus range.

One good thing about being a nerd is that you can find ways to amuse yourself within the house. One bad thing is that this kind of amusement will always get you yelled at for being selfish. Your best bet is to make this type of thing an activity to do with the kids.

So starting this week, daddy Narayanan will teach Jr. and the little one a mandatory class on Photography. They are not thrilled with the idea, but hey, who is the boss here?


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