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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A long break..

The blogging break was not intentional. AT&T cut our internet by mistake last Thursday.

We have had no phone or internet at home for the last 7 days. We finally got it back tonight.

San went insane as she dealt with AT&T customer service, that too on a no school for kids week. That ruled out any option for us working from home even for a few hours.

Incidentally our phone is a Vonage phone (VoIP phone) and no internet means, no phone.

My cell phone as 0 bars or keeps dropping calls (it is an iPhone with AT&T!!!).

The only working phone was San's cell which is fortunately not on AT&T.

San has spent 240+ minutes of her cell plan to be with AT&T customer service in the last 7 days, most of it listening to elevator music as she was handed over from one incompetent service rep to another.

They asked her to call back after 7PM on one day.. only for us to realize their office closes at 7PM. So much for customer service!

Lessons from this..

a. even though you do not need a land line, if you live in an area where cell signals are flaky, pay that 12 bucks a month and keep that land line alive or move to an area with a good cell signal

b. never take the internet for granted! it affects your life more than you know it....

There are smart folks who work at AT&T who know what is going on.. but getting to them is luck of the draw. 8/10 reps fail you miserably.

That is really sad.


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I am not responsible for comments posted by others... At 10:48 AM, Blogger Barbara L wrote...

Stumbled upon your blog (you know by hitting next blog) and I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I have good cell service with a different company than you use, BUT my cable internet company! They have accidentally disconnected our cable/internet (hard disconnect that means someone has to come redo) THREE times in the past two years. My bill has never been paid late since we had that company (which is our only choice) but they have mistakenly cut us off 3 times. They contract the people who do the cutoffs and apparently can't seem to figure out how this is happening and are powerless to stop it. Uh huh. The run around is the worst part. By the way if you live in US have a land line phone even if you do not have land line service, you can plug in and use for 911 calls but only if there is a live line. The line should be live if the wire is hooked up and not physically missing.


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