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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lessons learned and learning..

The sun was setting and the skies turned red. The green leaves looked greener.. the red ones looked a flaming red and the gold leaves, well they looked amazing!

Took a shot of the 50+ foot Crystal Amber tree in the backyard and was extremely happy with the results.

Then the thought of placing a kid in the foreground and how it would be great entered my head. My ever willing model aka Jr. said she would step out and pose for one photo and one photo only.

We took one photo and she went "Daddy, I cannot see anything anymore!". For a second I got really worried. Luckily, her temporary blindness faded and she is fine and can see everything.

Just out of curiosity, took a shot without Jr. in the frame with the flash. This thing is very very powerful! The apple tree is a good 40 feet away and it got lit up with the flash. Poor Jr. , no wonder she had a temporary blinding effect.

Should have bounced the flash off my back! There is a lot more to learn on what not to do as well as what to do with this new equipment!


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Very neat, I especially like the first one!


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